Jan 5, 2012


Milla Top

To do this I was inspired by a blouse that I have.
In particular I think it very cute and can be combined with many type of pants, shorts or skirts.
The mesh is composed of parts of EA meshes combined.
I hope you like it =D


Para fazer esta blusa eu me inspirei em uma que possuo.
Particularmente eu acho esse tipo de roupa bem bonitinho e pode ser combinado com vários tipos de calças, shorts e saias.
A mesh é composta por partes da mesh da EA combinadas.
Espero que vocês gostem =D

- Adult/YA * Adulto/Jovem Adulto  
- Female / Feminino
- 2 Recolorable Areas *  2 Áreas Coloríveis
- Sims3pack & Package 

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  1. I like the puffy sleeves and the lace detail on the back. Nice work. Thank you.

  2. Muito obrigada Izaias and thank you so much Sackgirl

  3. Oh good-golly my packages folder is going to hate me after downloading all this stuff. Hah, I have this AND like 20 other things in my downloads, buuut I do not care what my packages folder thinks. Enough with the rant.. XD I am just going to download this now, it's gorgeous, thank you Juliana! =]

  4. s2 OMG!!! SO BEAUTIFUL; thank you!!! 8S Can you please make one with a bodice, too? And maybe as a long dress, too?

  5. Thank you so much guys, each comment makes me very happy. I would be nothing without you all s2

  6. Elisef, I will try that in a time :)

  7. Que linda amiga bem fofa do jeito que gosto..

  8. looks so pretty!
    btw, where can I download that ∞ tattoo? I'm looking one of this for my sims :D

  9. Jéh Muito, muito obrigada minha linda s2
    DIVAYO97, Thank you dear, This tattoo was made by me and is not released, sorry =/

  10. Um dos seus trabalhos mais bonitos, Juh! Adorei as mangas e as costas estão divinas! Deve ter dado trabalho né?

    Brigado por disponibilizar pra download!

  11. Muito obrigada Gabriel, fiquei realmente feliz com seu elogio. Deu um pouquinho de trabalho sim, mas ver os comentários de vocês me faz nem ligar pra isso s2

  12. where did you get the skirt on the model wearing the white shirt?? i love it!

  13. Hi Amiee, the skirt was made by Icia at TSR

  14. Lindo! Vai já para o armário dos meus sims! ;-)

  15. Lovely! I actually have a question - I saw a dress with a top half a lot like this and can't seem to find it now. Would you happen to know who made it (or if anyone's made something similar?)

    1. Hey Ashe ^_^
      I think you're talkin about this dress (?)

    2. That's the one! Thanks so much, you're a godsend.


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