Oct 13, 2011


High Chic Outfit

I love this outfit, but there is a small issue on the back. Not too big or too ugly, but you decide whether to download or not.

Additional information:
- Adult/YA
- Female
- 3 Recolorable areas
- Sims3pack and Package in the same file
- P.S.: the default colors are ugly in-game, I know, sorry, you have to change the patterns.

If you have some problem with the link above, use this mirror


  1. This is cute and very chic. I love the detail on the pants. Thank you.

  2. It looks great. I will come back after I check it out in the game.

  3. I've been looking for nice clothing for my sim that just had her adult birthday, I think she looks a bit funny still wearing short little dresses. Thanks!

  4. Also - I just noticed the buttons are recolourable. Awesome!

  5. Wow,I love this outfit!The problem in the back doesnt seem to be that noticable,I wouldnt have noticed if you didnt point it out XD

  6. Thank you guys, your feedback is really important.
    Jae, good to know that this problem doesnt make much difference =D

  7. I absolutely love these these, thanks!

  8. Thank you Jasumi, you're a sweet *-*

  9. Julii, me encanta este conjunto. Vivo buscando pantalones tiro alto con remeritas asi pero los que encuentro no me gustan :P
    Este por otro aldo, me ENCANTA! gracias. un besote

  10. Gracias, me alegro mucho de que le gusta el pantalón, espero hacer más cosas de su gusto de aquí en adelante. Besos y abrazos <3

  11. Holy sh*t!!(Can I say that word or it's bad??)
    I fell in love with this one!
    Simsinspring is right,I just could find one good...yours!
    So,thanks for sharing it <3

  12. lol Shiira, it's not bad (in this case XD)
    Thank you so much, I'm really happy with the comments and yours made my day.
    Thank you again =D

  13. As a comeback customer, I must say I have used these for a while and totally don't mind the minor issue you said above. My sims looks fabulous in them.
    BTW, is it possible to include the recolors in your shots to appear in CAS preview? hmm, forgive me if it's a real bother but I think your recolors look gorgeous so I would love to apply them in a quick makeover.

  14. Hey Nox,
    I'm glad you like it, even with the issue ♥
    The only problem with putting the same patterns of the shots is that I downloaded on a site that I do not know which lol If you want I can put them in a sim bin and send it to you.

  15. this is such a cute outfit, thanks xxx

  16. Perfect, is very very beautiful! Thanks for sharing *-*


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