Sep 8, 2011


Brenoi Absinthe Bottles

Historically many believed that a spirit lived within the Absinthe which is released with the opening of a new bottle! Some Artists even claimed they created their art dazzled with a "jade vision" inspired by Absinthe.

At the turn of the 19th century, there was much hysterical press and allegedly serious articles and books on the subject…..
  “ The seat of the manufacture of this dangerous beverage is in the canton of Neufchatel… It is largely used in France and America, and its use is growing in England… Absinthe drinking has a most deleterious on the nervous system, and regular tippling utterly deranges the digestive system, weakens the frame, induces horrible dreams, and may end in idiocy or paralysis !!!!"

( "The Beverages We Drink" by W.N. Edwards, F.C.S. - 1898)

The Bohemian artist set made Absinthe even more notorious, with their indulgences, by the likes of Toulouse – Lautrec, Hemmingway, Oscar Wildes etc. who drank it; and it was the cause, some say, of Van Gogh, cutting off his ear.

---> The Story of Absinthe

First written recipe formulated by a Frenchman, Dr. Pierre Ordinaire .
The Formula was passed to Henry Louis Pernod of Pontarlier in France , who opened his firstdistillery in Switzerland .
18th / 19th Century
Many artists such as Monet, Degas, Picasso, painted or depicted “Absinthe “ in their Art.

Additional information: - Decor > Miscellaneous or Sculptures - Recolorable liquid - Aikea Guinea Mesh - Sims3pack and Package in the same file - Original and Simlish - I know that the bottle is not like that, but it does not matter =)  - Information Font: Riwine


  1. Awesome!

    Obrigada Julz ;)

  2. I attended an absinthe party where we dripped water over ice cubes into our little glasses and played with pretty spoons and now my sims will do the same, now to find an absinthe fountain!!! Thanks for making this :D

  3. Thank you Sage and Ines *-*

    The true absinthe is banned in my country (Brazil), never had the opportunity to taste the true ritual, that's a shame =(
    I'm glad you enjoyed it, thank you for the comment ;)


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