Feb 14, 2012


Summer Shorts V2

Well guys, I'm back \o/
Today I bring to you this new version of my  Summer Shorts .
What is different about this version: The UV map has been fixed (now the patterns are no longer stretched), an error has been corrected below the leg , I've changed some textures and the recolorable area.


Bom pessoal, estou de volta \o/
Hoje eu trago pra vocês essa nova versão do meu Summer Shorts.
O que essa versão tem de diferente: O mapa UV foi consertado (agora os padrões não ficam mais esticados), um pequeno erro abaixo da perna foi corrigido, mudei algumas texturas e a área "colorível".

Credits: Hair by Raon, Tumtum and Anubis

- Adult/YA * Adulto/Jovem Adulto
- Male * Masculino
- 3 Recolorable Areas * 3 Áreas Coloríveis
- Sims3pack & Package

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Finally, I would like to show this little video I made with  Umpa 's animation...
E por fim, gostaria de mostrar esse pequeno vídeo que fiz com a animação do Umpa...


  1. Nice shorts for summer. That's when it arrives in England. But very nice design. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Sack, you're always so quick! XD

  3. Adorei o vídeo e short agora ficou melhor!!! (não que o outro tenha ficado ruin)

  4. Thanks Michelle and Augusto
    s2 s2

  5. Adorei júh parabéns :D, to baixando =]

  6. Muito obrigada Jocker
    Thank you Juan :D

  7. Thank you so much Juliana, these shorts are great! And the video was pretty much awesome! =] :D

  8. Parabéns Ju ficaram perfeitos :)

  9. Thank you Skyelar s2
    Muito obrigada babYy *-*

  10. I like V1, but this is just as good. Beautiful! ♥

    I especially like the updated re-colorable areas. Congratulations on your new blog, by the way. :)

    Hugs & Kisses,
    Joy ♥

  11. Nice to see you back Juliana XD
    You did a nice job as always!
    I love this shorts :D

  12. Lovely shorts!

    Welcome back! Your creations are lovely btw! I went on such a downloading spree when I discovered your website ==

    I took a look at the other blog aswell, looks awesome! :)

  13. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Joy, JS and Jess s2

  14. Mais bermudinha pro Ju..Heee linda amoree parabéns..
    Adorei o vídeo, muito bacana mesmo. ==

  15. juh cade teus videos aulas de criar roupa do ts?
    tiro porque flor

  16. Que bom que gostou Jéh :D
    Camille, eu acabei deletando minha outra conta e os vídeos se foram (muita inteligência da minha parte fazer isso, eu sei :( )
    Mas tenho o link de download dele, se você quiser ^^

  17. Oi Ju Segue meu Blog? Esse aqui é o link http://thesims3baixakic.blogspot.com/ adorei seu Blog PARABÉNS......

  18. aah que pena ,mas os links de download do video quero sim , rs

  19. Esse é o link:


  20. Cool. Thanks

    Um ... The second picture in blue shirt, where can I find it?

  21. Thank you fkzm :D
    I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what you want to find?

  22. I found. It was in the expansion.
    Natural T-shirt like that. :D

  23. I do not know English well. Sorry.
    Please try to understand. :)

    Model is wearing a blue shirt, I was curious where.
    But found. XD

  24. haha
    Ok dear,
    I'm sorry I didn't understand before :P


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