What is a FAQ?
Frequently Asked Questions =D

Before downloading, what are the differences of the links available?
There is no difference, I put two links in case of some don't work.

Help!? I'm new, I don't know where to put the downloads!
Try to read THIS.

Do you take requests? 
Ahm... no, sorry

Y U no stop using Ad.fly?
People are making money with my work on other sites, like these, for example. This is horrible! I feel sad about it, but since I don't have a way to stop them, at least with the Adfly links I can have a "compensation" for damages and headaches they cause me. You have all the right to not understand me, to not liking the adfly ads and to do not want to download anything here, but you have the option to download my stuff by clicking in the mirrors that I put below the "main" Download link in each post, it have no Adfly. You can also use adblock, to block the ads from Adfly and many others sites :)

Do you run virus scans & spyware scans on your computer? How do I know your files are safe? I heard that Adfly has virus, is this true? How can I protect my computer?
I never had headaches with my anti virus (Norton), I always scan my computer and my laptop, but if you don't trust me, you can use yours... or, don't download nothing here.
About adfly, I will not say anything, just so you can see the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic page for adfly and draw your own conclusions. I NEVER had problems with it, but if you are unsure, you can download my content from the mirror link available in each post. I also highly recommend that you use the adblock, this will block advertisements from almost all websites, making your navigation much cleaner and safer.

Your downloads comes in two formats, I have to install both?
No, just install one. You must choose what you prefer.

Is File Sharing Allowed?
Yeah, but... never claim my work as your own, ok?!

I desperately need to contact you!!!
This is not a question lol I have a contact page.

Can you teach me how to make Custom Content?
Sorry, I have no patience for making tutorials... I'm too lazy (don't throw rocks at me). I advise you to learn like me, search in Google

Pretty please, put Juh and Caio for download?
Sorry, but... no. They are very special for me.

What programs do you use?
A lot of programs... read THIS.

I love these icons, where can I find them?
These icons were made by Flabaliki and you can find them here .

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